Monday, August 8, 2011

I like you, a LOT ♥

Theres this boy, budak ni sekolah sama dengan aku tau. Dia ni comell sangat, seriously. He's not the type of  boy that cute and hot, he's the cute and nerd type. I always have this thang with nerds, gahhhh ♥ Most of my friends cakap dia tak cute sebab dia nerd. Whatafuck man? The nerd-er he is the cuter he'll become okayy. I don't judge people cuteness just by their looks. I think he's cute because the way he eat. Okay, it's pretty weird but seriously, bila korang tgok cara dia makan, Ya Allah, COMELNYA! Sampai aina yang cakap dia tak comel pun boleh cakap dia comel :D I dunno if he notices me at school, but i think he kinda did. Sebab every time he passed by me, i suddenly became excited and pointing at him from the back to my friends. Aku harap sangat sangat dia tak nampak aku buat macam tu, malu je >< Btw, i have his facebook! And i kindaaaaa stalk him everyday, HAHA XD And every time he likes something on my wall my heart skips a beat ♥ Nak tahu dia siapa? One clue, hari ni birthday dia, Happy Birthday!♥ But like the usual in my life, cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan. i think he will never like me. Because i'm not pretty and skinny like the other girls. I wish he could, but i don't think that'll happen.

Jyeah, if only you knew :/

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