Sunday, March 6, 2011

i think i wanna marry these guys :D

Anwar Hadi
Mat Luthfi
seriously, they're both are so damnnnn cuteeeeeeeeeeee :D
and and and HILARIOUS!
you guys made Malaysians proud on youtube :)
video korang memang 'the BOM'
andddd both of 'em minat band HUJAN!!!
yawww, sama dengan aku :)
seriously, korang kena tengok dia dekat youtube.
just search nama dorang, nanti ada lah tu.
again, you guys are CUTE! ;)
and hopefully one day i get to meet both of ya'll.
im like your biggest fan ,
you guys are in my 2nd and 3rd top list of crushes :D
1. Mohammad Noh Salleh
2. Mat Luthfi
3.Anwar Hadi
4. Justin Bieber
and many more..........
and anwar hadi and mat luthfi if you're reading this,
i just wantedto say ,
and ignore the haters, coz they're stupid, HAHA :D

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