Friday, January 7, 2011

im stupid =,=

i've known this boy since we were in standard school
and i started to like him since we're in standard 6
between the rate from 1-10 of his looks , i give him 6
coz he's not that cute but he's such a sweetheart.
he's perfect until im in form 1,
my friends told me that they did'nt like boys who's at the same age and school.
coz dorang kata macam sakai., uwaaaa :(
so, i started to avoid him.
lately he's been approaching me :)
and he's being nice to me.
and ask me a lot of question bout myself.
does that mean he likes me o we're just friends?
im confuse!
Mr. x please stop sending me the wrong message,
it hurts but i fell important at the same time coz he was like cares about me >,<
haha :D
current mood : confuse.

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