Sunday, October 31, 2010

sunway pyramid :D

sunway was huge!
i went there with aina and adii,
we went there coz adii wanted to meet her bf,
but she was too scared to meet him alone.
so she asked me and aina to join.
we went there by MINI BUS =,=
then after we arrived we started walking around floor LG,
after 10 minutes of walking we felt hungry and we ate at Mc'D.
we ordered Mc'D's double cheeseburger, yummm :D
then we walked again and again until adii's bf arrived,
her bf was too damn shy, he didn't even wanted to meet aina and i, grr.
so we separated from adii.
then me and aina had nothing to do,
so we walked for 1 freakin hour!
my legs hurts so bad.
then after 5PM, we went to ioi mall by taxi.
adii went home, me and aina we to the mall to meet fikri.
we hang out fer about half an hour,
then we decided to go home.
aina and mamat waited at the other bustop across the road,
i was alone :(
i waited 1 FUCKING HOUR for the bus to arrived.
then i arrived home, take a bath, then went to bed.
my legs still hurts :(
btw, happy halloween :D

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